The Parent Tunnel

From 'The New Coach’s Guide to Coaching Youth Soccer'
Robert L. Kroger

When the game ends, the players from both teams will go back out onto the field, line up on the center line facing each other, and then move forward to give ‘high fives’, shake hands or just say congratulations. 

When your team comes off the field is when the parents get involved.  A fun way is having them build a tunnel for the players to run through.

This can be done by parents lining up on the center line, starting at the touchline.  Have them face each other, one across from the other, with space for the players to run between the parents and underneath their arms.

Have the parents raise their arms and place the palms of each hand against the parent’s hands across from them.  This makes an archway or tunnel for the players to run through when they return to the sideline.

The younger players love this and the tunnel is also fun for the parents.  Forming the tunnel gets everyone involved and honors the players.  The outcome of the game is not the point.  The point is to let your team and others know that everyone is proud of them.  

The Best Part of Youth Soccer

October 20, 2007 by brett nordquist

My favorite part of youth soccer this year is how, at the end of each game, all the parents line up across the field in two lines with their hands held up over their heads.  The kids do a quick cheer with their coach and then run down this tunnel of parents who cheer for both teams.

You should see the smile on all the kids faces as they beam with joy.  Both teams run together and it’s a wonderful example of sportsmanship.  It also leaves everyone feeling go od regardless of how a child played.

It’s worth attending a game if just to see the happiness of these 30 kids. They must feel so special.  What a fantastic tradition.

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