Weather Recommendations and Information

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Below, you will find information regarding our recommendations regarding the weather:

  • 30-minute Lighning Rule
  • Cold Weather Recommendations
  • Hot Weather Recommendations


Criteria for Safe Return to Practice or Game Area after seeing Lightning or hearing Thunder... the ’30-minute' Clock

  • Personnel should not return to the practice or game area until thirty (30) minutes have passed since the last lightning flash.
  • Each time lightning is observed and or thunder is hear, the ’30-minute clock’ is to be reset.
  • Blue skies in the local area and or a lack of rainfall are not adequate reasons to breach the 30-minute return-to-play rule. Lightning can strike up to ten (10) miles away from the rain shaft of a storm.
  • Your field staff and or supervisor will make the calls on the weather for all games.
  • All Coaches will need to follow the first three points above for practices.



According to the National Weather Service... Wind chill is only defined for temperatures at or below 50°F degrees and wind speeds above 3 mph.  Bright sunshine may increase the wind chill temperature by 10°F to 18°F.

Follow the temperature (either ambient or with wind chill) recommendations below for cold weather.

46°or warmer Normal Play
41°- 45°

Additional clothing ALLOWED layered beneath uniform (long sleeves, long pants, gloves, mittens, hats without straps, jackets).

-NOT ALLOWED: Hooded sweatshirts, Ear muffs (head bands are okay) or Scarves

36°- 40° Each half shortened by five minutes.
35° or colder

Suspend Play

Based on projected air temperature (or wind-chill Index) 2 hours prior to game time.


Provide ample water.  Water is always available and athletes have unrestricted access.  Optional water breaks every 30 minutes for 10 minute time frames. Ice-down towels are available.  Athletes should be monitored carefully. Re-check heat index every 30 minutes.

Provide ample water.  Water is always available and athletes have unrestricted access.  Mandatory water breaks every 30 minutes for 10 minute time frames.  Ice-down towels are available.  Reduce time outside or move indoors to air conditioning if possible.  Postpone practice to later in the day if possible. Re-check heat index every 30 minutes.

Stop all outside activity including practice or play.  Stop all indoor activity if air conditioning is not available and the heat index indoors is 105° or greater.  Re-check heat index every 30 minutes.

US Soccer Youth Heat & Hydration Guidelines

Remember that SOCCER IS A GAME!  Health and safety of players should be our number one concern.

Parents have the primary responsibility for keeping their children safe.  Please be aware of weather conditions during practices and games, and be prepared to pick your child up early or keep them home, if warranted.

*Coaches and Officials should use best judgment when making the call. Officials have final say at the field.* 

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