Guidelines and Procedures


  • Players must arrive at the field ten minutes prior to practice time.
  • Players must practice in the Legends practice uniform (official black training top, black shorts, white socks, cold weather Legends warm-up).
  • Players must come with a properly inflated soccer ball.
  • Players must wear shinguards.
  • Players must bring plenty of water.
  • If a player must arrive late or leave a practice early, the coach must be notified in advance.
  • If a player needs to miss a practice, notification must be made to the COACH.
  • Players are allowed to practice with other teams in the club (check with both coaches first).
  • Players are NOT allowed to play on any recreational soccer teams.
  • Parents are strongly encouraged to not step on the field to talk to the coach or the players.  Unless in the case of a emergency.
  • If you would like a conference with the coach, an appointment must be made either before or after the practice or at some point during the coach’s free time.



  • Home Uniform Kit - White jersey, Red shorts and White socks
  • Away Uniform Kit - Grey jersey, Grey shorts and Red socks
  • Alternate Uniform Kit - Red jersey, Red shorts and Red socks
  • Any other UNIFORM KIT COMBINATIONS must be approved by the head coach of that team
  • Uniform Conflicts - For most leagues and tournaments the home team must change in the event of a conflict
  • Tournaments - always wear RED; change only when tournament rules require
  • Sliders - must match color of shorts
  • Under garmets (tops) must be color of the jersey sleeve 



  • Legends black training top, black practice shorts, white socks
  • Legends red warm-ups worn for cold weather ('full zips' NOT recommended)
  • Appropriate size ball, water and shin guards for all training sessions



  • Players must arrive at the game field when the coach deems neccessary to properly prepare for game.
  • Players must arrive properly and uniformly dressed.
  • Players must only warm up with their teammates and coaches.
  • Players can only be instructed by the coach during the game.  The parents’ role is strictly encouragement "NO coaching".
  • Any involvement of the parent with their player during the game has to be designated by the coach (injuries, water breaks etc.)
  • If a player will be late for the game or has to leave the game early, the coach must be notified in advance.
  • During the games, parents are stricly prohibited from interacting with game officials, opposing coaches, or opposing players. Failure to do so could result in a $250 fine.
  • Parents are NOT allowed to approach the coach after the game for discussions about playing time, playing position etc.  Conferences should be scheduled for another time (24 hour rule).
  • Every coach, player and parent must behave according to Tennessee State Soccer Association, league and tournament rules/ guidelines.

* Please note that Travel Polices listed below for the majority pertainss to our U14 and up teams.  Confirmation of the these guidelines shall be put forth by the head coach of the team.

  • Itinerary should be given to all the players by the coach before departure to any out of town tournament.
  • We strongly encourage players to travel together as a team. *
  • As long as the team is still playing in the tournament, players are required to meet at a designated area at a designated time as specified by the coach or manager to do any team related activities such as meals, walks etc.*
  • Teams will be traveling from the hotel to the fields and back together. *
  • Players must be dressed uniformly when departing to the games.
  • Using the swimming pool, Jacuzzi, exercise equipment, or the like must only be done with permission of the coach.
  • Players must follow the itinerary and must follow curfew precisely.
  • For teams U11- U13, the players have the option of staying with their own parents.
  • For teams of age 14 and up, the players may room together if requested by the coach, or stay with their parents, but they are required to be in the same hotel as the team.
  • Every person associated with Germantown Legends must follow the rules of the hotel in which they are staying.
  • Players are not allowed to run around in the hotel, play soccer in the hotel hallways or walk barefoot or shirtless.
  • If the tournament has both male and female teams, casual association during free time will be allowed in public areas, but absolutely no player will enter the rooms of players of the opposite sex.
  • If a conference is necessary between the coach and an individual player, it must be done in the lobby of the hotel or if a more private area is required, then it needs to be done in the presence of a manager or the parent of the player or another adult.

The Germantown Legends are a premier youth soccer club located in Germantown, Tennessee. 

Established in 2011, the Legends Soccer Club focuses intensely on creating brave creative leaders for life.  Our no guilt, no shame, no blame philosophy gives kids the confidence to get out of their comfort zone and create the big play in any situation!

The Germantown Legends Soccer program is the official 'Soccer Provider' to the City of Germantown.

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