Halloween Team Costume Contest

Halloween ‘TEAM’ Costume Contest Rules

  • No need to pre-register to be judged... 
  • Picture (and or video) of the team ‘on-site’ in front of a goal (preferrably on a Germantown soccer field) must be submitted electronically to info@germantownlegends.com or via text message (or iCloud sharing) to (901) 652-5797.  When submitting, please include name and contact info.
  • Picture (and or video) must be taken on a soccer field, preferrably the Cloyes Soccer Field Park or Germantown Soccerplex fields.
  • Divisions determined by the number of teams submitting photos and or videos October 20 thru 10:00 PM Wednesday, October 30th.
  • 4 or more people of any ages or species make a ‘team’ (coaches may be included)
  • Put together a creative, spooky, funny or imaginative costume and wear it on your body.  All costumes are welcomed; it doesn't make any difference if they are homemade, magically found, simply appear with a flick of a wand or even purchased or rented.  This is an ‘all ages’ costume contest.  Please keep your costume “G” rated for this is a family event.
  • You must be between 0 - 100 years old and NOT be dead.  However, you MUST have a pulse.  But, if you appear to be dead, that is OK.
  • All members of your team must be human or humanoid... as a reminder, pets are not human.
  • The team costumes must create a theme such as the members of your favorite singing group or all the characters in your favorite movie or TV show.  Get creative with the teamwork.
  • Costumes may not include sharp or loose objects that could potentially harm others if contact is made on the field.
  • Very Important Weapons Policy!  Nothing that looks even remotely real.  Must be plastic, foam or cardboard.  This is NON-NEGOTIABLE!
  • The Legends reserve the right NOT to allow participants in costumes we deem inappropriate or in bad taste.  
  • If you have already won in a previous year with a fabulous costume, leave that costume at home, you cannot enter with the same costume again.  You can simply create a new costume and then you can enter every year.
  • Judges for the Halloween Team Costume Contest (or members of their immediate family) are NOT eligible for the Costume Contest.
  • You may howl, growl, wink, wiggle or screech at the judges, but no touching, poking or bribing the judges.
  • We plan to post a picture or video (of no longer than one minute in length) of all participating teams.
  • Winning teams will receive individual awards for the Halloween Contest participants.  (i.e. The entire team does NOT need to participate to enter, BUT only those who participate will receive a reward.)

How to WIN the contest and Influence Judges.... We can’t guarantee these Hints will help you win, but they can’t hurt either!

  • Hint # 1 - The Judges are fans of Comic Book Characters, Scary Monsters and everything in between.
  • Hint # 2 - CREATIVITY!  Creativity!   Creativity!  The judges are partial to home-made costumes.  They LOVE creativity in costumes and make-up.   
  • Hint # 3 - It’s ACTING!  Don’t be shy!  Let your Talent SHINE in the portrayal of your character while you are on stage!  Impress those judges!  Make them BELIEVE you ARE your character. 
  • Hint # 4- Feel free to show up early and make yourself available for photo-ops with your adoring public!

The Germantown Legends are a premier youth soccer club located in Germantown, Tennessee. 

Established in 2011, the Legends Soccer Club focuses intensely on creating brave creative leaders for life. Our no guilt, no shame, no blame philosophy gives kids the confidence to get out of their comfort zone and create the big play in any situation!

The Germantown Legends are the 'official soccer provider' to the City of Germantown.

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