Germantown REC Soccer U5 - U19

The Germantown Legends offer different RECREATIONAL soccer programs based on both age and skill level. The following is a brief explanation of our REC soccer programs.


U5- U19 Boys & Girls

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'Friend' & 'Team' Request Deadline - January 1st
LATE Registration begins February 1st
Presason Training begins February 1st

Team Practices begin February 19th
Matches begin March 3rd

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HappyFeet LEAGUE
Boys & Girls, ages 2-1/2 thru 4-1/2. The HappyFeet League is played on Saturday mornings (one day per week commitment). The HappyFeet program is seven weeks long beginning in September (in the Fall) and March (in the Spring). This is the perfect way to make team play great fun and introduce kids to organized team sports.

They have a blast because they’re familiar with their HappyFeet coach, the HappyFeet approach and their friends from school!

CLICK HERE to visit the Memphis HappyFeet website.

FUTURE LEGENDS Recreational Soccer with 'Instruction'

Boys & Girls, ages 5- 10 (U5, U6, U7, U8 and U10 Divisions). In our Future Legends 'Instructional' soccer programs, training sessions are organized and supervised by the Legends licensed coaching staff.  Training sessions are focused; on individual skill development or ball mastery and small sided games.  

'Volunteer' coaches (Parents) are an important component of this program, assisting during training and becoming head coaches for weekend games.

U5 thru U8 teams practice one day per week.  Practices are held each week during the season on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at the Cloyes Soccer Fields.  Provided your child is registered before late registration has started, parents chose the day of the week for practice.

The U10 age group may practice up to twice per week.  The Legends staff hosts a weekly training session for the U10 age group each Wednesday night at the Cloyes Soccer Fields during the season.  And the second session is held at the Germantown Soccerplex on the night chosen by the volunteer coach.

Games are primarily held on Saturdays. 

The program is 11 weeks long, beginning in August (in the Fall) and late February (in the Spring). Your player is sure to develop skills while having fun creating friendships, exercising, and developing confidence this season!

U5 Future Legends Coed
(playing 3v3)... 2013 birth year
U6 Future Legends Coed (playing 3v3)...  2012 birth year
U7 Future Legends Boys & Girls (playing 4v4)... 2011 birth year
U8 Future Legends Boys & Girls (playing 4v4)... 2010 birth year
U9/ U10 Future Legends Boys & Girls (playing 6v6)... 2009 and 2008 birth years

Boys & Girls, ages 11- 19 (U12, U14 and ;U19 Divisions). The Jr. Legends divisions have a 11-week season, generally with one game per weekend with a minimum of one practice per week with a volunteer coach.  We have a mandatory playing time rule in the recreational program so players have plenty of opportunities to get touches on the ball.

Team practices begin late August (in the Fall) and late February (in the Spring).  Practices are typically held at the Germantown Soccerplex.

U12 Jr. Legends
(8v8)... 2007 and 2006 birth years
U14 Jr. Legends (7v7 or 11v11 formats)... 2005 and 2004 birth years
U19 Coed Jr. Legends (11v11)... 2003 thru 1999 birth years

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Facebook: Germantown Legends Soccer
Twitter: @GermantownSoc