Practice Plans

U5 - U6 COED (Team Practice once per Week)

Practice Plans

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During Fall and Spring Break… Small-sided Games
(See Calendar for specific date(s) & times)

Additional Plans & Ideas

U15-U19 (Team Practice twice per Week)


Practice Plans

We believe goalkeepers should not be a feature of play at the U6 and U8 age groups.

Additional Plans & Ideas

Partners in Development – Grassroots FUNiño Festival
Houston Dynamo Academy, March 29, 2022

Coaching Methods


  • Freeze
  • Coach in the flow
  • Coach when ball is out
  • Individual reference
  • Use guided questions
  • Quick & concise
  • Quick transition
  • Coach from outside the grid
  • Use ‘count method’ to energize
  • Teach with activity
  • Modify and challenge as needed
  • Let them play… do not stop at every mistake

Activities being used:

  1. Simon says
  2. Red light, Green light
  3. Can you do this?
  4. The Maze
  5. Sharks & Minnows
  6. Changing of the Guard
  7. Scrimmage Game (16:50) using ‘New Ball’ method


  • Quick & Concise when speaking to players
  • Quick transitions
  • Coach from outside the grid
  • Freeze Method
  • Modify and challenge as needed
  • Re-enforce good play
  • Coach when balls goes out of bounds

Activities used:

  1. Everyone’s It
  2. Aliens & Space Rangers
  3. Caught Red Handed
  4. The Maze
  5. 2v2
  6. Keep Away

Coaches should feel free to mix and match the sessions as they see best suits their particular team.  Coaches of teams above and below a particular age group should feel free to adapt these sessions and the activities contained in them to their particular team.


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