Game Rules for U7/U8 Future Legends

The reason for the modified rules are to help foster better soccer players, by allowing more touches on the ball and less time for stoppages.

Quick Version


  • Four 10-minute quarters,… 2 minutes between quarters and 5 minutes between halves.

4v4.  Four field players… 1 Forward, 2 Midfielders and 1 Defender
NO Goalkeepers.  We believe goalkeepers should NOT be a feature of play in the U5/U6 and U7/U8 age group

  • Only on referees discretion
  • No penalty kicks – ball is awarded to the other team via indirect (free) kick.
  • ALL restarts are INDIRECT.
  • Yes, Corner kicks
  • Yes, Goal kicks
  • Yes, Throw-ins
  • Yes, Kick-offs

For the safety of the players, there is NO ball contact allowed within the goal box; however, all players may pass through the goal box as long as they do not touch the ball while in the box.  Any part of the ball or player’s body on the line or inside the plane of the box is considered in the goal box and an extension of such.

If the ball comes to a rest in the goal box, or on the goal box line, a goal kick is awarded regardless of who touched the ball last.

If a defensive player touches the ball after it has entered the goal box, the plane of the goal box, or an extension of the goal box (such as any part of the ball or player’s body on the line or inside the plane of the box), a goal will be awarded to the offensive team.

If an offensive player touches the ball after it has entered the goal box, the plane of the goal box, or an extension of the goal box (such as any part of the ball or player’s body on the line or inside the plane of the box), a goal kick will be awarded to the defensive team, and a goal will not be counted if scored.

Teams are encouraged to play out of the back.
Goal kicks can be played vertically without encrouchment until the second touch (see ‘build out line’).
When playing the ball directly forward, the defensive team will NOT be encouraged to move back beyond the penalty box.

Edge of the center circle extended to the sidelines (vertically).
The build out line promotes playing the ball out of the back in a less pressured setting.

Good sportsmanship is to prevail at all times.  Coaches will be held responsible for the conduct of themselves, their players, players’ parents and guests.

Proper form must be used…

  1. Both feet must stay on the ground
  2. Ball is held with both hands
  3. Ball is thrown with a continuous motion starting behind the head

All throw-ins should be taken by the last defender (or Sweeper), to keep him/ her involved in the game.  Remember, the last defender is NOT a Goalkeeper.

  • NO slide tackling
  • NO scores are kept
  • While NOT encouraged, coaches may come on field during restarts for positioning, but must exit field before play resumes.
  • Share players if necessary.
  • All players play a minimum of 50% of the game.
  • All items of jewelry (necklaces, rings, bracelets, watches, earrings, leather bands, rubber bands, large hair bows, etc.) are strictly forbidden and must be removed.  Using tape to cover jewlry is not acceptable.
  • NO heading.  (US Soccer does NOT recommend heading until a player reaches the U12 age group).

Players, especially at this age, should be encouraged to dribble, dribble, dribble,……

How many times a game do your young players attempt to dribble into space, away from pressure?  …versus just kicking the ball (to the other team).

Instead of suggesting a ‘kick’ (or just kicking it out of bounds), why not attempt a soccer skill or move,… Pull-back, V, Scissors, Cryuff, Step-over, Simple fake, etc. 

Law and Rules

The field:  Must be in a rectangular shape.  Here are the dimensions:
Length:  Minimum 25 yards      Width:  Minimum 20 yards
                Maximum 35 yards                 Maximum 30 yards

Additionally, there will be a goal box in front of each goal line.  Defensive play should take place ‘outside’ of the goal box.

NO Goalkeepers are allowed in the U7/ U8 Division(s).  The last defender in this division is called the Sweeper.  

The penalty area:  None
Flag posts:  None
The corner arc:  None
Goal size:  4′ x 5′ x 8′ feet (4′ being the height of the goal)

The Ball:  The ball must be a size three (3)

Number of players:  The number of players per match is 4 vs 4…. one sweeper (defender), two midfielders and forward (attacker).

Substitutions:  At any stoppage of play, and with the permission of the referee.  Each player shall play a minimum of 50% of the total playing time.

Equipment:  Players must always wear shin guards during practices and games.  Players must have on tennis shoes or soccer cleats.  Jewelry is not allowed.

Referee:  A referee is provided for games only.  These referees are mostly beginning referees and need to be treated with respect and allowed room for error.
These are our future referees and we need to develop them as well.

The assistant referees:  None are needed.

The duration of the match:  The match shall be divided into four (4) equal, ten (10) minutes quarters.  There shall be a two (2) minute break between quarters, and five (5) minutes at half time.

The start and restart of play:  At the beginning of each quarter and/or after a score, a kick off is used to start play.  The opponents must be at least four (4) yards from the ball until it’s in play.

The ball in and out of play:  The ball is out of play anytime the ENTIRE BALL crosses over the entire goal line or touch line.  The ball is also out of play anytime the referee stops play.

The method of scoring:  The entire ball must cross over the entire goal line.

The offside:  There shall be NO offside called during these games.

Fouls and misconduct:  No caution or send off shall be issued to players.  If a child is being too rambunctious then the game official will ask the coach to make a substitution of that player to give the child a chance to calm down before returning to play.

All fouls shall result in an indirect free kick to the opponents from the spot of the foul.  Other offences (such as dangerous play) shall also result in a direct free kick to the opponents.

Slide tackles are NOT allowed at this age and shall be treated like fouls.

Free kicks:  All free kicks are indirect and the opponents must be at least 4 yards away.

The penalty kick:  There will NOT be any penalty kicks.

The throw-in:  Proper form needs to be used; however, if done incorrectly the player may have more than one chance to retake it.

The goal kick:  The kick will be taken on the six (6) yard line in front of the goal.  The opponents must be at least four (4) yards away.

The corner kick:  The opponents must be four (4) yards away from the initial kick.

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