Game Rules for U5 - U6 Future Legends

KINS… Kicking is NOT Soccer!

The KINS Program’s main objective is to promote and emphasize the skill of DRIBBLING (and a positive FIRST TOUCH) at the U5 through U6 age groups, and discourage the aimless booting of the ball that is all too prevalent at these young ages.  When young players are conditioned to just kick the ball forward as far as possible, their skill development is stunted, making it harder for them to reach their true potential. 

DRIBBLING and a positive FIRST TOUCH are the foundation and preparation for all the other fundamental skills of soccer, such as controlling, passing, and shooting.  Laying the proper dribbling foundation at the youngest years will enhance the players’ ability to improve all the soccer skills.  No matter what level the players will end up playing, recreational or select, they will derive increased pleasure from the game if they can control the ball, and become more adept at manipulating it… ball mastery.

The spectators will also enjoy the game more if they can watch players who exhibit skill and creativity. 

The program’s second objective is to promote DECISION MAKING BY THE PLAYERS on the field and reduce their dependence on the adults for problem solving.
The idea behind the ‘new ball method’ is to keep the flow of the game constant and increase the number of ball touches (especially a positive first touch) by all the players. 

The ‘new ball method’ eliminates restarts such as throw-ins and corner kicks, and keeps the ball in play continuously.  Restarts might be important to game results at the highest level of play, but they have NO relevance or developmental benefits at the U5 and U6 level. 

Since the objective of the KINS Program is to teach players to DRIBBLE, every aspect of the traditional game that reduces the opportunity to dribble is removed.  The basic principle of this method is that, when a ball goes out of bounds, the coach ‘ROLLS’ a new ball into play… after counting to 3 (One Mississippi, Two Mississippi, Three Mississippi) and saying ‘New Ball’ to the players on the field.
Implementing the KINS program:
When a ball goes out of bounds, the coach yells “new ball!” and ROLLS a new one in.  The players will learn quickly to react to the new ball.

  • Always ROLL the ball into the unoccupied space from the center of the sideline.  Players will learn to move towards the ball.  Do NOT throw the ball in the air, since the players are not yet skilled enough to control a bouncing ball.
  • Coaches can also use this method to get the non-assertive players involved, by rolling the ball towards them.  This will help bring them out of their shell.  If the players are really shy, simply place the ball at their feet.
  • Count to five (to yourself… 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, etc.) before rolling each new ball into play.
  • If one team is dominating the game, the advantage can be shifted to the other team by rolling the ball accordingly.
  • This method can also be used to break up a ‘beehive’.  If all the players are bunched up around the ball, shout “new ball” and roll one into the open space.
  • Remember to always ‘praise the players for every attempt’… acknowledging the soccer skill or move used (if possible).  Keep them excited and motivated.


  • Four 8-minute Quarters
  • Minimum of 2 minutes between quarters, 5 minutes at half
  • 3v3… three on the field from each team, maximum 6 players per roster
  • May play 2v2 or even 2v3
  • Teams can share players if necessary

NO goalkeepers.
Players should be encouraged to NOT stand in the penalty or goal boxes.
All players should stay somewhat connected to their teammates on the field.

  • NO penalty kicks… just award the ball to other team.
  • NO sliding.
  • Play-on when hand ball occurs unless blatantly obvious
  • On all re-starts, the ball should ALWAYS BE ROLLED towards the feet of a player (whenever possible) from the center of the sideline.  Do NOT drop the ball in front of players, as we are trying to work on the players ‘first touch’ and abiltiy to control the ball.
  • After each goal, ROLL the ball to the other team to restart the game.
  • As it is not age approprate, the ball should never be thrown in the air to restart play.
  • Goal differential:  Differentials of 3- 4 goals, coaches should start to get creative by asking the players to do certain moves before dribbling towards the goal, or moving the team up field to begin play, or dribbling the ball into the defensive side of the field before going forward.
  • All players play a minimum of 50%.
  • Share players if necessary.
  • All items of jewelry (necklaces, rings, bracelets, watches, earrings, leather bands, rubber bands, large hair bows, etc.) are strictly forbidden and must be removed.  Using tape to cover jewlry is not acceptable.
  • NO heading.  (US Soccer does NOT recommend heading until a player reaches the U12 age group).

We will be using the KINS program as game day rules.

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