Competitive Soccer Fees

2024 - 2025 Club Fees

Resident: $1,090

Non-Resident Fee: Add $100


Resident: $1,270

Non-Resident Fee: Add $100

Resident: $1,390

Non-Resident Fee: Add $100

Resident: $1,080

Non-Resident Fee: Add $100

Resident: $1,770

Non-Resident Fee: Add $100

Resident: $1,830

Non-Resident Fee: Add $100

Resident: $1,960

Non-Resident Fee: Add $100

Resident: $1,875

Non-Resident Fee: Add $100

Club Fees for Germantown Legends

Club fees INCLUDE, but not limited to:

  • Tennessee State Soccer Association (TSSA) player registration*
  • USYS or US Club player registration*
  • Coach’s Salaries
  • United States Soccer Federation (USSF) Licensed Coaching
  • Office and Administration Costs
  • Goalkeeper Training
  • Skills Sessions
  • Great training facilities located in the City of Germantown
  • City of Germantown Field ‘Impact’ Fees


Club fees included for ECNL & ECNL-RL teams (above list included):

  • Match day field rental fees
  • ECNL & ECNL-RL Registration fees 
  • Athletic trainer fees
  • ECNL National event registration fees (ECNL only)


For those teams qualifying for post season play into June and July, additional coaching and administration fees will be added.  This is only applicable to teams U13 and above who qualify for post season play (estimated at $150.00 per player).

* If applicable.

  1. The player’s ‘Club’ fees are determined by their team assignment.
  2. All dues payments are to be made in accordance with the terms on the ‘payment schedule’ (found in the registration forms).
  3. Any payment received 30 days after its due date shall be past due and may result in surrender of a player’s membership card.  Players will not be allowed to practice or play until the membership card is reinstated.  In addition to any outstanding fees due, a $50.00 reinstatement charge shall be required to reinstate the player’s card.

Non-resident fees are ‘pass through’ fees paid to the City of Germantown on behalf of each player for facility maintenance and upkeep, lights, safety (Park Rangers), etc. by the Germantown Legends.

Each player will be responsible for team expenses that include:

  • Referee Fees
  • Tournament Entry Fees
  • Coach’s Travel Expenses
  • Futsal or Indoor Soccer Fees*
  • Memphis Shelby Soccer Federation (MSSF) Player Registration* 
  • Mike Rose Soccer Complex Fees* 
  • Tennessee State Soccer Association State (TSSA) League or State League Juniors Fees*
  • US Youth Soccer Association (USYSA) Region League Fees*

All team fees are collected and managed by the Team Manager.

* If applicable.


Adidas is the official uniform (game) supplier to the Germantown Legends program.  Legends Uniform Kits and individual pieces are available (and purchased) at

Each player is required to purchase the following via (official uniform provider):

  • Two Adidas match jerseys
  • Two Adidas match shorts
  • Two pair of Adidas match socks
  • One Adidas travel jacket