REC Skills of the week: PREKI and ZICO

Monday, October 23, 2023



Half Preki:  Begin with a little lean or lunge out to the right side of the ball by lifting your right foot and stepping down lightly beside the ball.  Do not put any weight onto this right foot.  Instead shift your weight to the left and plan to "scrape" your cleats over the top of the ball, from the right side to the left, to begin it rolling to the left.  After the ball has crossed completely in front of your body, use the inside of your left foot to touch it forward around the defender.  Accelerate!

Full Preki:  This move begins very much the same as above, but after the drag roll to the left, add a "step-over" (a Rivelino-like move) with the left foot - then as the ball continues to the left take it away with the outside of the left foot.

Soccer Move: Preki

How To Do The Full Preki Okocha Soccer Football Move | How To Play Soccer

Half Preki

Full Preki


Predrag Radosavljevi (born June 24, 1963), better known by the nickname Preki, is a Serbian-American former U.S. international soccer manager.  He previously managed Sacramento Republic FC and Saint Louis FC in the United Soccer League. He also previously coached in Major League Soccer with Toronto FC and Chivas USA.

During his playing career he played for English clubs Everton and Portsmouth, and was an 'MLS original' upon the formation of Major League Soccer in 1996, playing for the Kansas City Wizards (now known as Sporting Kansas City) and Miami Fusion.  He is the only two-time winner of the MLS MVP award, now known as the Landon Donovan MVP Award, and represented the United States at the 1998 FIFA World Cup.  He was elected to the American National Soccer Hall of Fame in 2010.

Preki: Some of his best MLS goals and highlights

My Favorite Player is...Preki

ZICO/ STEP-OVER 180 TURNS start with the ball between your feet, as it is during your "in-betweens".  Put your weight on your left foot as you swing your right foot up and over the ball (turning counter-clockwise towards the left).  Plant the right foot down on the left side of the ball and step down.  (This is the "stepover" part of the move and will be used in lots of fakes and feints).  Now using that right foot as a pivot, spin (turning clockwise this time) around with your left foot, back towards the ball.  Once you have turned a 180, take the ball with your left foot and begin to move in the other direction.

1/2 ZICO
Another slight variation is to take the ball back with the outside of the right foot instead of using it as a pivot foot.  Here you fake the "stepover" as you turn counter-clockwise over the ball with the right foot, just as before.  Then instead of planting that right foot, you just tap it down and then back up as you begin to pivot back clockwise still on the left foot.  Then you take the ball with the outside of the right foot (the stepover foot) and move back in the new direction.  Personally, I prefer this variation.  We think it is quicker and a little easier to do the pivot with cleats on grass fields. 

KEY POINTS:  The move becomes effective when the "stepover" looks like a shot or pass or lunge in that direction.  This "sells" the "FAKE" and then you take the ball quickly in the other direction. 

Soccer Turn Move – "Half Zico" – statUP Test

vivo Girls Sports - The Zico Soccer Move

Arthur Antunes Coimbra (born 3 March 1953 in Rio de Janeiro), better known as Zico), is a Brazilian coach and former footballer, who played as an attacking midfielder.  He was a creative playmaker, with excellent technical skills, vision, and an eye for goal, who is considered one of the most clinical finishers and best passers ever, as well as one of the greatest players of all time.  Arguably the world's best player of the late 1970s and early 80s, he is regarded as one of the best playmakers and free kick specialists in history, able to bend the ball in all directions.  In 1999, Zico came eighth in the FIFA Player of the Century grand jury vote, and in 2004 was named in the FIFA 100 list of the world's greatest living players.  According to Pelé, considered one of the best players ever, "throughout the years, the one player that came closest to me was Zico".

Zico - Brazil Best Midfield Ever



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