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Germantown Legends is a partner with Tennessee Soccer State Association (TSSA).  Through TSSA, we strongly encourage our coaches to attend the Youth Module, "E" and "D" License courses.   All of these courses are free as long as you are a head coach or assistant coach in our Jr. Legends programs and or a parent of a player in any of the Germantown Legends programs.

Please see below or click on the logo and go straight to the TSSA website.  Look for Coaches Education on the left hand side and go from there.  Call Lee Smith, Director of Coaching, at (615) 590-2200 for more information.

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A message from the TSSA:

F, D, E, and Youth Module Courses

Tennessee Soccer provides a number of free D courses and free E courses statewide per year (September 1st-August 31st).  We also provide free Youth Modules for clubs.

  • If you are a coach NOT registered with Tennessee (in or out of state), the fees are:
    • D Course - TBD
  • A minimum number of 18 candidates are required for the D or E License.
  • The free D and E courses shall be held in an area where the majority of coaches exist; site will be decided by Tennessee Soccer.
  • Courses are typically held during in the summer & winter months.
  • Please contact State Director of Coaching regarding a Youth Module for your club or association.

In addition to the free courses, clubs may apply to host additional courses on an as needed basis.  Additional D, and E courses, beyond the free ones, will have fees involved.  Application to host a course beyond the free ones should be made 60 days in advance of the requested date.  For further information, contact
Lee Smith, Tennessee State Soccer Association Director of Coaching.

The State Coaching School offers graduated levels of instructional courses.  This progressive format enables coaches to identify their level and choose courses that meet their specific needs.  For detailed information, please see links, titled, 'Course Descriptions' and 'Course Materials.'


This course is designed for the parent/coach working with the U6, U8, and U10 age groups.  The Youth Module is a 4-hour course that combines both classroom and field sessions, emphasizing age appropriate teaching and activities.  No licensing prerequisite and no testing required.  A minimum age of 14 is needed to attend this course.

The “F” license is a 2-hour course, conducted entirely online, intended for all parents and coaches of youth players.  The focus of this grassroots course is to share U.S. Soccer’s best practices in creating a fun, activity-centered and age-appropriate environment for 5- 8 year old players.

The “F” license course is open to all applicants at least 16 years of age.


This course is designed to focus on the development of the player, both individually, and as part of the team.  The E is an 18-hour intermediate course that emphasizes technical development and focuses on the U9-U12 age group.  E Course is a pass/fail with testing and there are a few pre-course assignments. 

The “E” license course is open to all applicants who hold a U.S. Soccer “F” license (February 2015) and who are 16 years of age.

A minimum age of 17 is needed to attend this course.

This is the most advanced state level course offered by Tennessee Soccer.  This license involves 38 to 40-hours of instructing and testing.  The emphasis is on players U12 and above, preparing coaches by expanding their knowledge and understanding of the technical and tactical demands of the game and the developmental process necessary for players of these ages.  There is oral, written, and field-testing in the D License. 

The “D” license course is open to all applicants who hold a U.S. Soccer “E” license for a minimum of 6-months and who are 16 years of age.

For information pertaining to US Soccer's National A, B, and C Licenses, please go to

For information on the National Youth License, please go to

Tennessee Soccer does host National C Courses and National Youth Courses, on US Soccer's approval.



Based in Kansas City, Kansas, the NSCAA is the largest coaches' organization in the United States.  Since its founding in 1941, it has grown to include more than 26,000 members who coach both genders at all levels of the sport.

For more information on the NSCAA and courses taught, please go to


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