Registration & Refund Policies

  • Your Child is not registered until online registration has been completed and payment has been received.  Only players whose registration fee has been paid in full and completed all of the necessary waivers/ forms will be placed on a team.
  • For requests to be considered, the registration fee MUST be paid in full.
  • Requests must be made while registering (online).
  • All players will be placed in their appropriate age group.  Playing up in age groups will be based on skill and staff evaluations only.
  • Requests are for players, parents and or coaches that sign up during the 'early' or 'regular' registration periods (i.e., Requests made during the 'Late' Registration period may not be honored).
  • Parents registering during the 'Late' registration period may be asked to coach or manage a team.

For REC soccer, the sibling discount is $20.00 for each child after the first child.

For Competitive soccer, the sibling discount is $100.00 after the first child's 'club' registration fee.  To ensure proper credit, please send an email to after making the initial club payments.

The competitive soccer sibling discount is NOT applicable to the 'team' fees.


  • Late Registration Fee for REC Soccer is $40.00 per child.
  • Late registrants are NOT guaranteed a roster spot on a specific team, with a specific coach... this may include NOT being able to return to last year’s team.
  • Late registration does NOT guarantee placement on a team... players registering late will only be placed on teams as space allows.
  • Priority in late registration shall be given in the following order:
  1. to players whose parents agree to be the 'Head' Coach of a team (if needed)
  2. to players who moved to Germantown AFTER the close of the on-time registration period
  3. to Germantown residents
  4. on a first come-first serve basis to all non-residents.
  • Those registering late may be asked to volunteer as either a Coach or Team Manager, in order to help form additional teams as needed.
  • When circumstances allow, new teams will be formed with late registrants IF a volunteer coach steps forth from those families.  Those agreeing to volunteer as either a Coach will be placed on a team first.
  • Players registering during the 'LATE' registration period will NOT able to participate in the first weekend of league play.
  • All late registrations will be subject to a non-refundable late fee of $40.00 per child.  All other fees will be refunded if the Germantown Legends are unable to place a child on a team.
  • The Late Fee may be waived for families that move into the area after the registration period or that are new to our program.  If this applies to you, please send an email to for the promotion code.


  • For U5/U6 Coed, when two or more are requesting to be placed on the same team, at least one of the parents must be either a Head or an Assistant Coach.
  • For U7/U8 and above, when three or more are requesting to be placed on the same team, at least one of the parents must be either a Head or an Assistant Coach.
  • It is the player's responsibility to contact the player or coach with whom they are signing up to play with...

(1.) to ensure that they will be playing or coaching during the season
(2.) to ensure that they are signing up for the same league
(3.) to ensure that there is room on the team.

  • Players are allowed to request that they NOT play for a particular Coach or NOT to play with a particular player.


  • Coaches are allowed to request players that have played with them previously, provided they have signed up during the 'early' or 'regular' registration period.
  • Coaches are allowed to request that they NOT have a particular player.


  1. Head Coach - run practices and provide direction during the games
  2. Assistant Coach - 'bench' Coach during games, back-up coach for games and practices
  3. Team Manager - assist with team communications, verify field conditions, schedule changes, weather delays, program updates, Spirit wear, etc.

* All Volunteers must register online as a volunteer with the Germantown Legends, and also consent to a Background Check in accordance with the City of Germantown Parks & Recreation Departments Volunteer Policies. Note, that only those who have a current background check on file with the City of Germantown may be on the same sideline as the players.


Uniform Kits are NOT included in the registration fee, as players playing back-to-back Fall and Spring seasons MAY stay in the same kit, provided they are on the same team.

Non-resident fees are 'pass through' fees paid to the City of Germantown on behalf of each player for facility maintenance and upkeep, lights, safety (Park Rangers), etc. by the Germantown Legends.


  1. The player’s 'Club' fees are determined by your child's team assignment. 
  2. All dues payments are to be made in accordance with the terms on the ‘payment schedule’ (found in the registration forms).
  3. Any payment received 30 days after its due date shall be past due and may result in surrender of a player’s membership card.  Players will not be allowed to practice or play until the membership card is reinstated.  In addition to any outstanding fees due, a $50.00 reinstatement charge shall be required to reinstate the player’s card. 


  1. Your Child's name
  2. Include the word 'Refund' in the subject line of your email request
  3. Your phone number
  4. Program(s) withdrawing from
  5. The reason for your refund request (injury, illness, moving out of town, etc.)
  • Refunds are paid via check or credit onto your HappyFeet/ Germantown Legends account.
  • Refunds are subject to a $25.00 Administration Fee, and may take three to four weeks to process.
  • Refunds paid via credit card are subject to a $25.00 Administration Fee and additional credit card processing fees; while credits for future seasons are (typically) applied in FULL.

For specific discount amounts, visit

'Refunds' are provided when the 'HEAD COACH' obtains the appropriate coaching license.  'CREDITS' are applied to the account when NO coaching license is involved.

Send a copy of your Coaching Certificate or License Number to for use of these promotional code(s) for our records.  

All REC 'coaching' refunds are subject to a 5% processing fee when repaid back to a credit card.  To receive FULL CREDIT (without the processing fee), please use the appropriate coaching promotional code.  For the promotion code, please send an email to

All REC 'coaching' refunds are processed after the second match of the season.


  • All U5/U6 Coed Head Coaches will receive a 50% discount of the child they are coaching.
  • Any U5 thru U19 Head Coach with a minimum of the age appropriate USSF Grassroots Coaching License (USSF Grassroots Coaching License, USSF National E Coaching License or NSCAA equivalent) will receive one FREE Registration Fee for the child they are coaching.

For more information regarding coaching courses, please visit the links included above, or email us at

Once a player has committed and signed for the competitive year (Fall and Spring seasons), they are obligated to the club for the duration and responsible for all fees outlined above.  There are no refund of fees unless player moves out of town, or is no longer able to participate due to serious illness or season ending injury.

No refunds will be provided if the season is suspened due to Acts of God or Force Majueure.

The Germantown Legends will do everything possible to play a minimu of seven matches per season.

Acts of God include acts of civil or military authority, national emergencies, labor difficulties, mechanical breakdown, insurrection, war, riots, or failure or unavailability of transportation, communication or power supply, fire, flood or other catastrophe or other causes beyond its reasonable control.  Force Majeure includes acts of civil or military authority, national emergencies, labor difficulties, mechanical breakdown, insurrection, war, riots, or failure or unavailability of transportation, communication or power supply, fire, flood or other catastrophe.


  • There is a $35.00 charge for any returned checks.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send an email to

The Germantown Legends are a premier youth soccer club located in Germantown, Tennessee. 

Established in 2011, the Legends Soccer Club focuses intensely on creating brave creative leaders for life.  Our no guilt, no shame, no blame philosophy gives kids the confidence to get out of their comfort zone and create the big play in any situation!

The Germantown Legends Soccer program is the official 'Soccer Provider' to the City of Germantown.

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